In a FOUNDATION fieldbus system, field diagnostics profiles provide a way of standardizing how all devices communicate their diagnostic data to the host system and asset management system—regardless of the vendor. The technology enables powerful role-based diagnostics, meaning the right information is sent to the appropriate person when they need it. This approach supports categorization of diagnostics according to the NAMUR NE107 recommendations.


FOUNDATION technology has always utilized push diagnostics allowing the user to receive alerts much quicker, instead of the traditional method of requesting diagnostic information from devices. Field diagnostics technology will now enhance user control and distribution of messages between field devices and host/asset management systems. This will allow for faster response times as each message is presorted according to criticality, whether it is a process alarm or a maintenance alarm. 

Field Diagnostics is a required feature for all devices compliant to Device ITK Profile 6 and above. 

The original specification (FF-912) has been integrated within the Function Block Application and Common File Format specifications (FF-890, FF-891, FF-103).

Test cases i1310_00, i1310_05, i1310_10, and i1310_15 test the existence and behavior of the Field Diagnostic parameters contained in the Resource Block.  Field Diagnostic parameters are pre-fixed with "FD_" and are defined in FF-891 FS 1.10 in sections 5.2 and 5.3.

FD_VER should be set to 1, this is the current major version of FF-891.

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