FieldComm Group is now using a mobile app to facilitate logistics around Working Group meetings.  This app provides relevant information about the event, such as meeting agendas, room assignments and wifi codes.  Members can use the app to identify the meetings they will be attending and automatically add them to their personal calendar.  Social features allow members to upload images and other materials to share with the group.

App onboard occurs when you receive an email like this.

First, for the best experience, you should open the email from your mobile device.  Embedded in the email are links that will take you to the appropriate app store to download the meeting application.   The Download the App links will sense you device type and direct you to the correct store.

Once you have installed the application, come back to the original email (again, on your mobile device), and select Verify Account.

The Verify Account simplifies the authentication process and will get you immediate access to the meeting app.

That's it!  Your login information is persisted, so you should only need to login once.  However, if you need to reinstall the application or use another mobile device, simply follow the instructions above and you will be sent another verification code.

Manual Installation

If things just didn't work, you can also manually install the mobile meeting application.

First, from your device, go to the mobile app store and look for the CrowdCompass AttendeeHub by Cvent.


Android Play:

This is a general purpose meeting app provided by CVENT.  It's possible you may have already used this app before.  If so, there is no need to re-download if it's already installed.

Once you have installed the application, launch it. 

Using the Search, look for the FieldComm Group meeting by meeting identifier.  This identifier will be unique for each meeting, and will be provided in the emails.  In this example, the unique id is FCG WG Denver.

Once found, click on the icon to the right to download the meeting details.  You only need to do this once.  Once the meeting is installed, any updates we make to the meeting will be automatically pushed to your device.

Once the meeting launches, you will be asked to log in.

It is important that you use the name you used to sign up for the event.  Because attendees are pre-enabled in the application, you will be sent an email with a 4 digit code.  The email address you provided at the time of your meeting registration will be used, and a hint will be provided on the screen.

Open your email (either mobile or desktop) to retrieve the 4 digit verification code.

Enter that code to sign into the app. 

That's it.  The app is now loaded.

What if I don't have a mobile device?  Or, my company prohibits me from installing applications?

Each meeting also has a mobile website that can be accessed from any device.  The URL to that meeting is provided in the announcement email. Similar to the mobile app, you will be required to authenticate by entering a 4 digit verification code sent to your registered email.