The FieldComm Group maintains many types of documents and tools. This list provides insight into the types of items maintained and their usage.

Class PrefixClass TypeClass Description
PDPolicy or Procedure DocumentDocument that includes internal and external polices and procedures
RYRegistryDocument that collects tables of information typically referenced by another document class (e.g. policy, specification)
PLProduct LicenseAssigned to any license agreement artifact (eula, etc).
PSProduct Support DocumentationDocuments associated with a product (e.g. release notes, user guides)
TKToolkitsAll Toolkits.  This number will serve as the ordered SKU for the product.
INTInternal RecordUsed to identify internal records (e.g. check lists, approval forms) that is not already defined by another document class.
TLTemplateAssigned to document templates that are used to create records (e.g. quality management)
URUse Case, User Stories, Requirements Document that define user case, requirements, user stories or similar that would be used for product or specification development
ANAdministative NoteDocument to provide formal annoucements to members on important topics, such as a change to a specification or policy
TSTechnical SpecificationDocument to establish norm or requirement of a technology
TSBTechnical Services BulletinDocument to notify license holders of changes to products
MOMMinutes of MeetingMeeting Minutes (face to face, web, teleconference, etc)
TIDTemporary Internal DocumentGeneral purpose temporary internal document
TTTechnical Test SpecificationsTest Specifications
TPTool PartComponents of kits or standalone tools (e.g. filter hardware that is part of a test kit, or software that is part of a larger distribution) used for ordering parts, inventory management, and warranty
AGApplication GuideDocument providing supporting information to the technology, white papers, engineering guides, informative documents that contain no normative requirements
FRFormDocument completed to provide additional information or fulfill a request (e.g. product registration request, member information update, website/product catalog update etc.)