You can make your own replacement for the COMTEST USB stick. The directions in this document have guided others to the successful reproduction of the tool.

After you create your own bootable USB stick, then copy the tools from the non-bootable USB drive to install the ANALYS and/or COMTEST files.

The OS on the drive is FreeDOS ( specifically

To make the drive bootable, I use the HP USB format tool HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, v2.0.6. The latest version from HP is supposedly 2.1.8 though I have not personally verified the executable so you may want to search to be sure.

Plug in your USB to your computer.

In “Device”, choose your USB drive.

For example, to boot the USB in the Free Dos system. Click “Create DOS start up disk”. Choose “DOS system\FDOS”. The selection means this disk will have function to boot with Free DOS. (It is also ok to choose Win98 or XDos) Note that “DOS system\FDOS” is the directory that Free Dos puts the bootable OS in when you unpack the Free DOS download.

Click “Start” to format your USB drive and install boot file. After you finish this step, your USB drive is formatted and has function to boot.

To use

1. Insert the USB drive into a PC. Start power.

2. Click “del” or appropriate key sequence immediately when system turns on. Enter the BIOS setting program.

3. Change the boot sequence to put the USB Drive as 1st priority. If multiple USB options are present, choose USB HDD.

For example: “Boot” -> “Boot Device Priority” -> 1st Boot Device -> Choose USB drive.

4. Click “F10” or appropriate key sequence to save and exit.

5. System will reboot, and the PC will boot from your USB drive which has FreeDOS.

The instructions for installing the ANALYS or COMTEST files are simply to copy the contents of the FCG Tools folder from original USB drive (the files are on onto the new USB drive.