FieldComm Group manages two lists for standardized Unit Codes. If the Unit Codes currently published in the Technical Specifications for Foundation Fieldbus or HART do not contain a code you need to use, please follow the instructions below to obtain a new Unit Code.

Please open a support ticket and specify the following:

  • I need assistance with:  General Technical Support
  • Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
  • Subject: New Unit Code 
  • Description: Include answers to all of the following questions:
    • Unit Name (abbreviation)
    • Unit Name (expanded)
      • English text (required)
      • German Translation (required)
      • Other languages (optional)
    • SI Unit (Yes or No)
      • If SI Unit, provide conversion factor to base SI Unit code being requested
    • Reasons for this request
      • Industry Use
      • Standard Organization or Document Reference (include a URL or attach document to the ticket) 
      • Specific Technology Application

Incomplete requests will not be processed.

The requester will be informed if the code will be assigned and what the value will be. If a code already exists (but is pending publication) for the requested Unit Name, that information will be returned to the requester.