The device description (DD) 5.1 enhancements are intended to help device developers, system suppliers and end users advance the performance of their FOUNDATION fieldbus products through device level menus and methods. The enhancements are fully described in the Foundation's FF-900 Device Description Language Specification found in the latest Technical Specification package. Device developers will need the latest Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE) tool to validate and generate these enhanced DDs. Contact FieldComm Group for more information on obtaining these latest tools and specifications.


The ITK supports the enhancements with the updated National Instruments Communication Driver and DD Viewer. The DD 5.1 Super Viewer allows examination and verification of a device description. This viewer supports validation of existing DDs and the new DD 5.1 format. Device developers can inspect their DD, execute methods and render the new visualization elements supported by DD 5.1 technology.