HSniffer and ANALYS each record the master-slave interaction on a HART network as an independent observer.

HSniffer is the ANALYS replacement. HSniffer is integrated into the HART Test System. The tool runs on Linux and allows a single test machine to run the testcases and capture all HART data on the network.


ANALYS is still the preferred debugging tool and runs in the DOS environment. Regardless of the operating system on your machine, you can use a bootable USB or other type of media to run the FreeDOS and ANALYS on most machines. We use this successfully in the HART Test Lab on a daily basis.

ANALYS allows the capture and viewing of user designated files. Information can be viewed in byte or frame format. ANALYS does not require the HART Test System.

Both HSniffer and ANALYS require a registered RS-232 to FSK HART modem for capture of data.