Building All Encoded Formats

It is possible to build *.fm8 encoded file formats using the FDI Package IDE, however, developers must take the time to correctly prepare the source files. 

New features added to FDI Packages will not be built into the *.fm8 EDD and will trigger syntax errors.

To tokenize an EDD with a Tokenizer version 8, wrap the PLUGIN, BLOB and/or TEMPLATE items with a __TOKVER__ pre-processor directive. An example is shown below:

This will only include the PLUGIN item for Tokenizer version 10 or greater. 

The pre-processor directive should only wrap around a single item, including multiple items may cause errors when Tokenizing the source. 

As other items are added to the Device Description Language, additional wraps may be required to build *.fm8 encoded files. 

Building FMA Encoded Format Only

If the developer wishes to preserve the prior EDD (*.fms/*fm6/*fm8) for the submitted Device Revision, the developer must implement a syntax error. The following is an example for this error:

#if __TOKVER__ < 1000

     , /* fma only */