The HART DD-IDE installs to the C:\HCF directory by default. The directories included with the installation should not be modified. 

Configure User Options

Adding User Options to the Tokenizer must be done in the makefile (C:\HCF\DDL\dev).

The format of the options shall be:  

USER_OPTION = -i -k xxx -k xxx 

Where "xxx" is an integer value.  The possible values are listed in LIT-021 Tokenizer User Manual, these are error numbers.  

The Dependencies may be used to trigger a complete rebuild of the EDD when a dependent file is updated. Dependent files should be in your C:\HCF\DDL\dev directory. 

The installed makefiles (makefile,, must not be modified by the user.  If they are modified and the DD-IDE no longer works, the user must re-install the software.

Configure the Working Directory

To change the directory where you store the source files and Devices.cfg configuration file, go to the menu File > Change Directory... to select your working directory.