Release 2.1.0 - July 2014
The HSE Conformance Test Kit ROM Edition includes test cases specific to HSE gateway class devices.

  • Updated CFH tests to match the currently edited version of FF-103-1.9 per specification AR6351.
  • Updated CFH tests to verify correct section key name [VFD 1 SM VFD n].
Release 2.0.1 - September 2009
Version 2.0.1 provides more comprehensive User Guides, a firmware correction for the Bridge Function Tester hardware, and general bug fixes.
A newer time server application is included for the user to install.
  • Example CFH files corrected CommSubClass entries from "Class32Class3LinkMaster" to "Class3LinkMaster".
  • Example CFH files updatedwith corrected header [VFD 1 SM VFD n]
  • Example TCS files for 42a2 and 42b were updated (SessionStatisticList, HseVcrStatisticsList) to 1 to match the current specifications. Test file Class42a-2TcsFormatCheck.tst was updated to set 1 to these parameters.
  • LongFormOd is supported for class 42a2.  CFH example updated.
  • Example TCS file updated.
  • Bridge Function Tester firmware updated.

Release 2.0.0
Version 2.0  moves the testing compliance from HSE Class 42a-2 to Class 42c.  This includes adding tests for Publishing, Subscribing and Republishing across a Bridge.  Also, some general test case cleanup and bug fixes have been performed. The test case files included are the ones used for testing compliance with the Class 42c.
  • Incorrect trend object length correction
  • FDA HDR OPTS Test updated
  • H1 FMS PDU test aborts due to errors, corrected     
  • 42c: Expected Message Size should be 121 H1TrendReport.tst
  • 42c: $BLOCKSIN in the H1publisher.tst
  • 42c: h1publisher.tst STRUCTURE is corrupting data
  • 42c: pad bytes are non-zero
  • 42c: HseSubnetMaskBits in subcriber/report sink test cases
  • 42c: TSync.tst
  • 42c: VCRuserID set to 0 SubConfigureHseVcr.tst
  • 42c: Update hse class 42c CFH file
  • HSE CTK 42c cfh file typo
  • SetRedundancyState not needed in Default file
  • Return code should be included
  • Statistics might not be supported
  • 42c: DeviceSelector.tst needs to be removed before release
  • 42c: timing issues
  • 42c: Statistics NMA/NMIB Behaviour
  • 42c: endif missing in SubReadHseVcrStats.tst
  • 42c: H1 test device keeps sending "STOP" messages
  • BFT  BftConfiguration.tst
  • BFT  SubInitialize.tst
  • BFT  SubConfigureAddressArray.tst            Technical
  • BFT  SubSimpleFmsWrite.tst Technical
  • BFT  ConfigureBridge.tst
  • BFT  SubRemoveRepublishingDatabaseListEntries.tst
  • BFT  SubConfigureH1Vcr.tst