There is an example Devices.cfg file attached.

At the end of the file, add a new manufacturer section as follows:


0x?????? is your assigned manufacturer code (the hexadecimal codes must use all lower case letters), and XXXXX is your manufacturer* string Dictionary Handle in all upper case letters.  If you do not know your Dictionary Handle, please contact us. 

Next, add a line for each device type as follows:


Where 0x???? is your assigned Device Type Code (the hexadecimal codes must use all lower case letters), and _XXXXX is the assigned Device String Name in all upper case letters, a prefixed underscore "_" is required).

If you have an 8-bit manufacturer code and a device that is upgrading to HART 7, we recommend that you name DEVICE_TYPE as _XXXXX_EXP to represent the Expanded Device Type Code.  For example:

  DEVICE_TYPE 0x0023 = _AAA

Devices.cfg is a required file in a EDD submission package.  


*Note:  An update to your manufacturer name will affect the established registered EDD files.  If a change is made to the manufacturer name, all EDD files should be updated to match the new name, then submitted for an EDD Revision Registration.