The first time you build a EDD and there are errors due to missing COMPATIBILITY_REV definitions indicates the library version installed is too old or does not exist on the system where the IDE is installed.

1. Download the latest library

You will need a user name and password, these are sent to the primary license holder.  Contact FieldComm Group for access or to purchase a license.

Go to

Download the “standard” folder contents:

FF dd library serv-u std lib.png

2. Build Library

You must tokenize the standard library with your current version of the Tokenizer before you will be able to import the files needed for creating your DD's.  Run the batchfile "make_all_dd4.bat" to tokenize the complete library into DDv4 binaries (.ffo/.sym) or "make_all_dd5.bat" to tokenize the complete library into DDv5 binaries (.ff5/.sy5).  If you are developing DDs for devices that are compatible only with v2 of the Standard DD Library (non block-specific items), use "make_all_dd4_lib2.bat" and "make_all_dd5_lib2.bat" to build the library.

3. Tokenize

Rebuild the EDD in the IDE.