Running tests on the HART Test System 

1. First connect a registered  RS-232 HART modem from the serial port labeled RS-232 (for black test systems) or RS232-0 (for red test systems) at the back of the HART Test System to the device. 

2. Open a Terminal (right-click on the Terminal icon on the Launcher on the left edge of the display and select "New Terminal") 

3. Create a directory/folder for the device to be tested in the home directory so the results and logs remain separate and distinct from other devices you may test. The folder can be created either from the Linux command line or via the GUI. 

  For example, if the device to be tested is called "Dev123" and is running firmware version 2, the folder can be named "Dev123v2". 

  To create the folder via the command line, enter the following  commands on the Terminal:

  $ mkdir ~/Dev123v2

  To create the folder via the GUI, click on the Home Folder icon on the Launcher on the left edge of the display. Then right-click on the body of the window that opens and select "Create New Folder". Then name the folder "Dev123v2". 

4. To run tests on device Dev123 (version 2), enter the following commands on the Terminal :

  $ cd ~/Dev123v2

  $ hartmenu

5. Select and run the desired test(s). All logs will be saved in the folder from which tests are invoked (in this case, the "Dev123v2" folder). To keep logs from being overwritten, a new folder can be created for a different device or a different  revision of the device and tests run from that folder, just as we had done for Dev123v2.